Amazon Is Officially Selling Fresh 7-Foot Christmas Trees This Holiday Season

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For many families, shopping for or chopping down a Christmas tree is a sacred tradition. A tradition filled with hours of kids whining about cold feet, a husband who wants to look just a little longer for the perfect one, and succumbing to the pine needles you'll be cleaning out of the car for months -- but a tradition nonetheless. 

  • This year, Amazon is prepared to do the dirty work for you. 

    The company announced that it'll be packing and shipping 7-foot Douglas firs and Norfolk Island pines to your doorstep within 10 days of being chopped down. The tree will be bound and shipped without water, and depending on location, could potentially be available for Prime free shipping. 

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  • Amazon will also have fresh wreaths and garlands available, and plans to debut the fresh tree catalog in November. 


    Trees will cost about $115 a pop, and pre-ordering will be available so you can choose a delivery date. 

  • And if you're thinking "who the hell would buy a Christmas tree online?" you may be surprised to learn the decision was based on popular purchases.


    Last year, trees under 3  feet were popular, and some merchants sold larger fresh trees on Amazon's platform. 

  • While we're sure the Clark Griswolds of the world will intensely disapprove, there are probably plenty of folks eager to avoid the hassle.