20 Easy Whole30 Recipes


I learned about Whole30 the same way I learn about everything -- through Busy Phillips’s Instagram account. The actress and social media maven posted about an overwhelming longing for gummy bears and struggling through Whole30. I would love to tell you her post inspired me to do more than pop a few gummy bears myself, but then I’d be lying ... but it did start me on my journey of learning more about Whole30, a 30-day-long regimen designed to encourage you to eat more whole foods. (Get it? Whole30?) As someone who occasionally considers a Snickers bar a breakfast food, I thought this might be a great way to break some of my bad habits.

Whole30 encourages participants to eat whole, unprocessed foods, skipping foods with lots of unpronounceable ingredients. It recommends meals filled with vegetables, healthy fats, spices, fruit, and moderate portions of meat, seafood, and eggs. It sounded great, until I got to the hard part. The diet bans sugar and sweeteners of any kind, alcohol, grains, dairy, and legumes, including all forms of soy. After committing to the eating program for 30 days, slowly reintroducing the previously banned items is encouraged, with the hope of participants noting how certain foods can affect mood and energy and maybe even discover sensitivities to certain items.


Talking myself into it using the mantra of “if Busy Phillips can do it, so can I,” I decided to try out Whole30 in hopes of stopping sugar from running my life. Only when I hit a wall around day 10, I realized my mantra was misguided. Busy can do so many things that I cannot, such as act, create long Instagram Stories people actually watch and be brave enough to give her children whimsical names

My first week of Whole30 flew by because I was excited about making choices to put fresh, whole healthy foods into my body. I was delighted by roasting beets, intrigued by all the different leafy greens in the produce aisle, ecstatic about all the different ways I could cook cauliflower.  But at day 10, the newness had worn off and meals begin to feel repetitive. I had the overwhelming desire to flip a table if someone suggested ricing cauliflower again. What I needed were some exciting new Whole30 recipes to free me from my self imposed hard-boiled egg prison. These recipes got me to day 16 (and counting) and will hopefully inspire others, whether they're struggling with Whole30 or just struggling to think of something to make for dinner.

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