20 Gluten-Free Desserts Kids Will Love

Kathleen Wong | Aug 31, 2018 Food & Party
20 Gluten-Free Desserts Kids Will Love


There's nothing more unfortunate than baking a bunch of yummy desserts for the little one's school bake sale or birthday party only to find out another kid (or two or more) is unable to eat gluten and therefore can't indulge with the others. Or maybe it's your own kiddo who can't digest gluten properly and sometimes feels left out during these events. Whatever the case may be, kid-friendly, gluten-free desserts are here to save the day. And they are so delicious kids (and adults) without a gluten intolerance will be happy to gobble them up, too. There's no reason everyone can't hop aboard the sweet-treat train. No gluten, no problem!

Although about only one in 141 Americans actually has celiac disease, a severe gluten intolerance, up to 15 percent of people are unable to properly digest gluten. They're known as gluten sensitive because this group of proteins can give them headaches, fatigue, and upset stomachs. 

Because no one wants to go through that -- or have little ones suffer, either -- gluten-free desserts are the way to go. Despite misconceptions, these treats aren't boring nor are they more complex to make! From rich chocolate cookies to colorful Rice Krispie treats, check out these 20 gluten-free recipes that are totally delicious, decadent, and kid-friendly. The best part with these covertly gluten-free desserts is no one will even realize there's no flour involved, so all bases are perfectly covered. No more worrying about if a little one can't enjoy the dessert, so sign us up! 

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