Oprah's Weight Loss Plan

Did you watch Oprah yesterday?

Cafe Kristen mentioned in Healthy Living Buzz that Oprah was going to talk about getting back on the weight loss wagon, so I made sure not to miss it. One of Oprah's strategies for losing weight in 2009 is to stick to a weekly meal plan that focuses on small, healthy, frequent meals.


This type of healthy meal plan supposedly works to keep you satisfied throughout the day;eating small, frequent meals keeps you from being tempted to over-indulge at meal-times or snack throughout the day.

But Oprah's meal plan is really intense! Sunday alone requires five small meals—four of which consist of either salmon or chicken breast. This type of weight loss strategy definitely requires a lot of planning and organization—not to mention extra time in the grocery store and at the stove.

What do you think about Oprah's weight loss plan? Is it practical for the average mom?

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