20 Colorful Desserts Easy for Moms to Make

Courtney Leiva | Jul 25, 2018 Food & Party
20 Colorful Desserts Easy for Moms to Make

Meaghan Mountford/The Decorated Cookie

Fall may seem like a long while off, but as the summer begins to wind down it’s definitely safe to safe that the kiddos may be plagued with a bad case of boredom, especially if the big summer vacation is over and there are only a few weeks left until school starts. And yes, day trips and playdates may keep them entertained until then, but when a rainy day comes knocking, it’s always good to have a craft or activity planned just in case their boredom becomes too much to handle. Crafts definitely come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but if the little ones have a sweet tooth, it’s always fun to get them involved in the kitchen, especially since the internet is a treasure trove full of colorful and easy dessert recipes they’ll definitely love.

And know that even the most Instagram-worthy of desserts do not have to be complicated, as we searched high and low for the easiest popcorn balls, fruit pizzas, and rainbow s’mores dip (yes, really) any unicorn or rainbow-loving enthusiast would love. And if two ingredient desserts are also of interest, we definitely have a colorful recipe the little tykes will really love. To bring some breathtaking color to their plates, we rounded up 20 mouth-watering (and not to mention easy) colorful dessert recipes moms can make until school is back in session. Besides, with desserts this pretty, they’ll be begging to have edible craft activities like these more often.


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