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  • However, they decided to bring it back due to popular demand. 

    In an interview with TimeOut, the restaurant's general manager Mark Peters said, “It’s outrageously popular, especially with kids. You should see how happy some of these kids are -- but really, people of all ages. Everybody’s pretty pumped about it.”

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  • The colorful pie is quickly creeping into our social media feeds and it even had a brief appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    DagWoods humorously taunted Jimmy Kimmel (who apparently isn't a huge fan) on Instagram, writing:

    "Coming back again soon by popular demand; the #magicalAF edible glitter pizza!!!! Thanks for the shout out @jimmykimmel @jimmykimmellive, even if it does make you want to burn our restaurant to the ground."
  • We can't lie, we would totally take a trip there for a slice of cheesy pink glitter!

    Do it for the 'gram!

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