40 Instant Pot Chicken Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

40 Instant Pot Chicken Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

Greek Chicken

Quite possibly the most versatile protein ever, chicken shows up on dinner tables around the world night after night after night. And for good reason: Chicken is nutritious, fairly inexpensive, and even kids whose daily menu consists of approximately five foods will usually eat nuggets without (too much) complaint. Sadly, one can't live on nuggets alone. The good news is, there's literally no end to the many ways chicken can be prepared -- and now that Instant Pots are all the rage, making dinner has never been easier.

Instant Pots (as everyone likely already knows) are brilliant because they require little actual "cooking" to get the job done. Just prep the ingredients, dump them in and forget it! And unlike slow cookers, which -- as their name implies -- aren't particularly speedy, Instant Pots magically turn raw meat, veggies, and grains into simmering full-blown meals in no time. Plus, there's way less clean up than cooking the old-fashioned way. What could be easier?

From healthy, homemade versions of take-out staples to classic comfort dishes and so much more, there's something for everyone on this list. (Except no chicken nuggets. Those are "instant" enough as it is!)  Besides, with mouthwatering options like these in the kitchen, even the youngest members of the family will no doubt be persuaded to sample some unfamiliar flavors. And finally, these recipes are all budget-friendly -- which makes trying new things a lot less risky!  So read on for ideas -- dinnertime is about to get a lot easier.

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