40 Crock-Pot Recipes With 5 Ingredients (or Less!)

40 Crock-Pot Recipes With 5 Ingredients (or Less!)
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The whole point of a Crock-Pot is to make cooking less stressful, right? Except the truth is, if a slow cooker recipe requires a crazy number of ingredients, then it's not all that much less stressful in the end. (This is especially true if those ingredients need to be sliced, diced, or otherwise heavily prepped.) Thankfully, there are plenty of Crock-Pot recipes that call for just five ingredients (or even three or four). Meal prep just got a whole lot easier!

From comfort classics to healthy soups, side dishes, breakfast, and even dessert, there are so many simple faves to choose from. And don't be fooled by the short lists of ingredients, either. None of these recipes are short on taste! It's amazing what a day of simmering on low heat can do to a handful of flavors. Not to mention, there's a good chance many of the necessary items for these recipes are already in many families' fridges and cupboards. Why slave over measuring cups and cutting boards and go on grocery scavenger hunts when minimalist cooking can be so delightfully delicious? 

Of course, it should be noted that we're not counting water, salt, or pepper as "ingredients" here. It's pretty much a given that those three things will be in almost every recipe, ever. (Except maybe the pepper.) It should be noted, however, that these recipes are more than just effortless, they're economical, too. There's only so much money that can be spent on five ingredients, after all!

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