Celebrate #NationalStickyBunDay With These Ooey-Gooey Recipes

sticky buns

When it comes to dessert, we hardly consider ourselves elitists -- but there is something about the sticky bun that just screams comfort sweet. Its ooey-gooey glaze, its warm familiar taste -- sticky buns are a classic winter dessert. And what better way to indulge than by celebrating #NationalStickyBunDay (February 21) with a few homemade treats?

Many tend to confuse sticky buns with cinnamon rolls, which are entirely different in nature. Cinnamon buns are swirled pastries that resemble an ornate dinner roll, topped with a vanilla or cream cheese icing. Sticky buns are the denser, sweeter version, typically topped with pecans or walnuts and marinated in its own brown sugar deliciousness.

Now that we've got you totally drooling, here are three tasty sticky bun recipes to help you celebrate this delicious "national" holiday.