Edible Tide Pods Are Now a Thing & We've Officially Lost Our Faith in Humanity

Super Deluxe/Facebook

Kids these days, right? Running around, bringing dirt into the house, staying up past curfew, eating Tide Pods that totally corrode their esophagus and lungs. And now, in true Internet fashion, there's a recipe out there for making actually edible Tide Pods, so that your teen doesn't have to ingest harmful chemicals. The necessity of this recipe? Well, I'm not so sure about that.

  • Digital entertainment company Super Deluxe posted the DIY recipe video (that we hope is 100 percent satirical) for the Tide Pods on its Facebook page.

    The woman behind the recipe is culinary producer and food designer Ashley Holt, aka @sugar_monsterr on Instagram.

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  • We've got to admit, the recipe is actually pretty impressive, and the results are scarily convincing.

    First, Holt makes a silicone mold of a Tide Pod; then she coats the mold with dyed gelatin. 

    Next, she creates a filling made of xanthan gum, corn syrup, coconut water (that makes it healthy, right?), and food coloring. After blending that baby up, she pipes the filling into the mold and freezes until the "pod" is hard.

  • For the final step, she wraps each half in a gelatin sheet and sticks them together with melted gelatin.

    Boom. Tide Pod.

  • Bon appetit?

  • People were less than thrilled in the comments, saying this video just encourages kids to eat more dangerous Tide Pods.

  • At least one person saw the potential for a prank in this recipe.

    Granted, this kind of prank could go very, very wrong. 

  • Maybe we should keep the Tide Pods where they belong in the laundry room.