These Fat Unicorn Cakes Are All of Us After Eating Dessert


I think we can all agree that cakes any which style are pretty great. But there's one type of trending cake that might just take the, er, CAKE for all-time best cake. Enter: fat unicorn cakes. Yes, you read that right.

  • Fat unicorn cakes are exactly what the name implies: They're hilarious cakes that have been devoured by gluttonous and totally blissful-looking unicorns.

    The unicorn can be found just hanging out by the side of the cake, unable to move because it couldn't resist the delicious dessert. In other words, the unicorn keeps it real. 

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  • These cakes still feature the pastels and glitter that you'd expect from a unicorn-themed dessert -- only they're way better.

    Just look at the little guy, happily passed out! 

  • All I can say is, never have I ever seen something so relatable in my life.

    We'd prefer this kind of unicorn over the "elegant" ones any day.

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  • These cakes make you want to go, "Same."

    Although, I'll be honest, I don't look as cute as that after devouring a ton of cake. 

  • Yup, I know exactly what kind of cake I want for my next birthday.

    So far, you can get these humorous cakes at bakeries such as Crazy Sweets in Germany, Queen Bee Bakers in Arizona, and D'Iman Bakery in Mexico. But we hope there'll be more options soon because those cakes are dang cute!

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