50 Crock-Pot Dinners to Combat Cold Winter Days

Kathleen Wong | Feb 1, 2018 Food & Party
50 Crock-Pot Dinners to Combat Cold Winter Days
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Liliya Kandrashevich/Shutterstock

For those who live in places where there are changing seasons, winter can be pretty rough. The days get darker faster, and they get pretty dang cold too. While the first snowfall might be full of whimsy, magic, and fun, the fifth snowfall gets kind of old. We might begin to reminisce about the sunny, carefree days of the summer. So what's the best thing to come home to after a long day of trudging through the wind, ice, and snow? A warm meal that's been slowly cooking all day in a Crock-Pot. 

Crock-Pots really shine in the dreary winter because they're masters at brewing up the comfiest of the comfort foods. We're talking meats so tender they just fall off the bone (and warm our bones while we eat them) to gooey cheese and steaming hot soup. After a long and cold day outside, snuggling up to a warm and hearty Crock-Pot meal is the remedy. All we need to really top off the mood is a roaring fire in the fireplace, a fuzzy blanket, and maybe some spiked hot cocoa. 

Not only are Crock-Pot meals all cozy and delish, but they're also incredibly easy to make! All we have to do is throw all the ingredients into it and hit the button. Then we can go about our wintry day, whether that means playing in the snow or finally taking down all those holiday decorations.

For some serious winter grub inspiration, read ahead. 

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