People Are Dragging These Unrealistic Cookbook Covers for Not Showing How Couples Cook Together IRL


As we all know by now, the media doesn't always present the most accurate portrayal of things. One example that we've probably never thought of until now: cooking magazine and cookbook covers.  

  • Podcast and web show creator Mike Rugnetta pointed out on Twitter how so many cookbooks feature a woman cooking with the man instructing her from behind.

    Basically, all of the couples were in ridiculous poses that weren't actually plausible for cooking. 

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  • Like how this dude's hand basically renders her hand totally useless.

    How is that helpful in any sort of way?

  • Some people felt like these covers of dudes mansplaining how to cook were sexist.

    "'Only women can cook but only men know how to do it right' is what all the covers with the men grabbing the knife from behind scream to me lol," another person tweeted.

  • And obviously, some peeps weren't having it.

    "The Instapot guide on how to get stabbed by a woman," another person said.

  • *Sips tea*

    Cookbook covers might want to give credit where credit is due.

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  • Other people just noted how unrealistic these covers are when it comes to couples who cook IRL. Hint: There's usually no cutesy hand-on-hand action.

    "My husband and I do cook together on the reg, but it definitely does *not* look like this. It usually sounds like, 'I had to pat the fish dry last time; it's your turn,' though," another person wrote.

    Does "too many cooks in the kitchen" work here?

  • C'mon, cookbook makers, let's have some covers that show some reality: a messy kitchen with a couple arguing over whose turn it is to cook dinner for the kids.

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