Party City Is Being Dragged for 'Disgusting' Commercial That Offends Gluten-Free People

Party City, your one-stop shop for all things festivities, has just been added to the hit-list of brands considered to be erring on the side of tone-deaf with a recent Super Bowl commercial.

  • The ad, which promotes Food Network star Sunny Anderson's new inflatable snack stadium, features two people preparing the snacks for a Super Bowl party and dissing gluten-free folks as "gross."

    "Those are some gluten-free options," one woman says. 

    "Do we even know people that are like that?" the second woman asks.

    "Tina," the first woman replies.

    "Oh, gross, yeah."

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  • Many people were offended by the negative portrayal of those with gluten sensitivities, which can come from celiac disease.

    "Your new ad mocking people who eat gluten-free is inconsiderate and wrong at best. My celiac disease is not your punchline," another person tweeted.

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    About one in 133 Americans, or around 1 percent of the population, has celiac disease, which is a genetic autoimmune disease that interferes with the ability to absorb some food nutrients. 

    But not everyone who avoids gluten has celiac disease. Over the past five years, the number of people who claim to be gluten-sensitive but don't have celiac disease has been rising at a steady pace, according to Forbes. Some scientific evidence does back the claims that people can have gluten sensitivities without a celiac diagnosis, but more research on those causes need to be done, and some medical experts think cutting out gluten if you don't have to could cause deficiencies in iron or calcium.

  • In light of all these reasons why people avoid gluten and in response to the ad, some people said they would no longer shop at Party City.

  • On Monday, Party City issued an apology, which was shared by Anderson on Instagram.

    Party City called the commercial an "error in judgement" and removed the commercial from its website and all channels. It also reassured people that Anderson was not involved in the making of the commercial. The statement closed with Party City saying it was going to make a donation in support of celiac disease research.

    Well, Party City, you live and you learn (that the gluten-free community is not one to be messed with). 

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