There Are Now Millennial Pink Kit Kat Bars Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Nestle Japan/Flickr

Getting a break of that Kit Kat bar is about to become a whole lot prettier thanks to a millennial pink makeover. 

  • Now introducing: the Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby, a naturally pink-colored take on the iconic Kit Kat bar.

    It's brought to us by Nestlé Japan, and particularly Kit Kat Chocolatory, a Kit Kat specialty store that develops new Kit Kat products (like Grilled Potato -- seriously). 

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  • The chocolate get its pretty hue not from artificial colorings or flavors but from the Ruby cocoa bean, making it a "fourth" kind of chocolate (following white, dark, and milk).

    If this all sounds totally foreign to you, we don't blame you. Ruby chocolate was only recently invented by Swiss chocolate company Barry Callebaut. It took Callebaut more than 10 years to develop ruby chocolate, according to a press release. He worked with Japanese pâtissier Yasumasa Takagi to come up with the new ruby Kit Kat bars.

  • Apparently, the ruby chocolate will give the new Kit Kat bars a subtle berry flavor.

    Callebaut described it as "not bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness."

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  • If this sounds enticing to you, then you'll need to make your way over to Asia, since they're currently only available at Kit Kat Chocolatory boutiques and pop-ups in Japan and South Korea.

    Come this February -- cough, cough, just in time for Valentine's Day -- they will be sold online for people who live in the United States, France, Italy, Macau, England, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland.

    One pack will go for about $3.60 while a five-pack will go for $16 and a seven-pack for $21, so you can cover all of your Valentine's Day bases.

  • Although they might be too pretty to eat.

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