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30 Wedding Cakes So Elegant, We Can't Look Away


Besides the blushing bride, the wedding cake is like the centerpiece of a wedding. And rightly so, since it's basically like a piece of art -- well, one that can also be eaten (which arguably makes it the best kind of art). With the right design and flavor choice, we'd go so far as to say a couple's wedding cake is basically like the edible embodiment of the couple themselves. So it's no wonder why people go to such great lengths to make sure their cake is perfect for their style.

No longer do couples feel pressured to have the standard three-tiered white cake with the stereotypical bride and groom wedding topper. From florals to ombré and marble, there are so many different designs, shapes, colors, and styles when it comes to wedding cakes. Each couple can express their own style!

We get it. Just like how to most, a wedding dress isn't just an ordinary dress, a wedding cake isn't an ordinary wedding cake either. 

But despite all these trends, there is one thing that's tried and true when it comes to wedding cakes: elegance. An elegant, stunning, and well-designed wedding cake is truly timeless and something that shines through all the other trends.

Read ahead to check out elegant wedding cakes that'll inspire any bride-to-be -- or anyone else who likes a little cake eye-candy!


11. Blush pink

We don't know what we love most about this cake, the blush pink color or the watercolor effect? It's hard to ignore that gorgeous gold leaf too ... 

22. Rose gold goodness

This elegant wedding cake plays into simplicity, but still manages to take it up a notch with the metallic rose gold layer middle tier. 

33. White & gold

Not into color? Check out this elegant white and gold wedding cake. The large flower and gold leaf gives it a luxe but effortless feel. 

55. Shiny & speckled

We love how the gold dotting falls down this wedding cake, giving it a modern, but still elegant twist. 

66. Au naturel

This naked-ish cake uses the vivid colors of the berries to keep it eye-catching. It's giving us serious rustic and winter vibes.

77. Pink bouquet

This rose-adorned wedding cake may only have one tier, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in elegance. 

99. Simply rosy

We love this two-tiered wedding cake, which is decorated with red roses. We love the way the icing doesn't cover the entire cake, either, giving it an effortless but romantic vibe.

1010. Pretty as a peacock

There's no denying that the metallic colors of this elegant wedding cake are downright stunning. The white flowered branches don't hurt either. 

1111. It's all in the details

This gold and white wedding cake has many elegant qualities, from the rosettes to the intricate lace detailing. 

1313. Out of the woods

Anyone with a rustic or woodlands-themed wedding will appreciate this stunning and elegant flower- and twig-adorned wedding cake. 

1414. All ruffled up

This ruffled wedding cake is fun and flirty, perfect for the bride who always has a smile on her face. 

1515. Bluebirds

We almost wouldn't want to eat this hand-painted wedding cake, it's so gorgeous! The vivid blues and greens against the white cake make it ideal for a spring or summer wedding. 

1717. A field of roses

This elegant wedding cake is literally dripping in roses -- and they're ombré, no less! 

1818. Fit for a princess

With such intricate detailing, this wedding cake looks like something right of Cinderella's castle.

1919. Pop of color

This colorful square-and-circle wedding cake is quirky and definitely unique.

2222. Peach perfect

From the top three tiers to the flowers, we love the peach-colored theme of this elegant wedding cake.

2323. A golden cage

This gold and white wedding cake is so unique, not only because of the shape and pattern, but also the adorning orchids. 

2525. Royal purple

With the vivid purple and bright gold, we think that this wedding cake is fit for a royal wedding.

2727. Jewel-toned

Gold detailing really stands out against the deep jewel-toned hues of this cake. But the baby blue tier keeps keeps things fresh.

2929. Golden hour

This entirely gold wedding cake is anything but boring, thanks to the floral details on the tiers. The big white flower pulls it all together, allowing the intricate detailing to stand out.

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