People Are Cooking With Their Mouths & It's as Gross as One Would Imagine

Nathan C/YouTube

From the more practical to the totally insane, there are gadgets and gizmos aplenty for your kitchen. But there's one tool that most of us probably don't consider using to prep the food: your mouth. Filmmaker Nathan Ceddia decided to make a cooking tutorial using just someone's mouth -- and it's so good that you might not even know if it's serious or just a spoof.

  • Called "Cooking With Your Mouth," the YouTube tutorial shows audiences how to prepare a Christmas turkey without any actual utensils.

    "How to make a Christmas turkey stuffing using the safety and comfort of your own mouth," the video description reads.

    Well, that's one way to avoid doing dishes.

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  • To start things off, the woman "finely dices" onions, carrots, and celery with her chompers, and spits them into a bowl.

    "Interesting I always use the right side of my mouth, but you do what feels natural to you," she said. 

    This is only the beginning, guys.

    After de-stemming and dicing parsley with her mouth, she chews some raw garlic, which she warns will burn your mouth. "Really hurting my tongue, but you know."

  • Then she suggests to go at the loaf of bread as if you were going at a hamburger.

    To make things "not traditional," she squeezes in some lemon zest. Although that's not really the reason this tutorial is different, IMO.

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  • If you're eating while reading this, you might want to stop. She goes full-on Rocky and whisks an egg in her mouth.

    I can only imagine the pain her mouth is going through right now.

  • She warms butter in her mouth (because how else do you do it?) and then chomps on some black peppercorn.

    Then she preps the bird, stuffs it with her stuffing, and pops that sucker in the oven.

  • TBH, it doesn't look that bad when plated.

    You'd almost never guess where that food has been.

  • On Facebook, many people were disgusted at the tutorial.

    "This is why I don't eat food other people make unless I know them," someone else commented. "They could be freaking weird like this lady."

  • Others went to her defense, arguing that "all food is gross and comes in contact with so much nastiness."

    While it's true that our hands are little germ vehicles, and many of us don't even wash our hands properly, our mouths can also be super dirty, containing over 600 species of bacteria.

  • So whether or not you want to cook with your mouth, hands, or knife, maybe just make sure it's properly clean?

    Actually, scratch that, and just stick to clean utensils. 

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