Moms Share the Weirdest Christmas Gift They've Ever Received



Moms may do most of the holiday grunt work, but they don't usually get enough credit for it. This especially holds true when it comes down to Christmas gifts. If moms are typically the ones coming up with and then crossing off the shopping list, then who buys the omnipotent mom a gift? On mumsnet, some moms decided to answer that question, sharing the strangest gifts they were given on Christmas -- and proving that yes, everyone is hopeless without mom.

  • First of all, there was the gift that was clearly bought by the kids and essentially just meant for the kids.

    If I were this mom, I'd replace all the little gum balls with those airplane bottles of booze. 

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  • Then there was this mom who received this alarmingly dark Christmas gift.

  • But I'd rather receive that reading material over this "book on how to be ladylike."


  • Was this gift a hint that the fam wants more pancakes?

    Because I have a feeling she won't be making any after this gift.

  • This candy was undeniably a last-minute or after-thought kind of gift.

    Why on earth would someone gift Mentos over chocolate?

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  • We don't even have an explanation for why someone in their right mind would gift this mom a used gift?

    Repeat for emphasis: used. And more repeat for emphasis: Halloween

    F for effort on this one. At least take out the damn used candles.

  • This mom got a pug mug for Christmas, even though she doesn't even like pugs that much.

    If this ain't a sign that everyone needs to pay more attention to our mothers, then I don't know what is.

  • Then there was this mom who received the typical go-to mom gifts: cozy cold-weather gear, like slippers.

    Only this was total overdrive.

    Wait, why do we always get moms slippers again?

  • Continuing on this "WHY?!" train, this 30-year-old woman received something that was more suitable for children.

    Giving the benefit of the doubt, maybe there was a gift-labelling mix-up here?

  • But this mom takes the prize for the strangest gift ever -- and this prize is a better gift than the actual gift, so that's saying something.

    That bag of rice better have ended up strewn upon on the gift-giver's head.

  • Maybe our New Year's resolutions should be to get better gifts for our mom's in 2018.

    A spa getaway never hurt anyone, now did it?