People Who Drink Red Wine at Room Temperature Are Doing It All Wrong


What's more relaxing than unstrapping your bra, putting your feet up, and lounging back with a nice red wine? Pretty much nothing. But research indicates that we've been drinking red wine at the wrong temperature every time we do. 


Typically, we store our wines on the shelf at room temperature, which is usually warm and comfortable in the 70s. Supposedly, the idea to drink red wine straight from storage originates from French medieval times, when the rooms were cold AF.

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Well, it turns out, there's no truth in that. According to researchers at the Sydney Wine Academy and Taylors Wines, red wine should actually be served between 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit and 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

More specifically, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon should be served between 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit and 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit. But Pinot Noir, which is lighter bodied, should be served even cooler, between 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit and 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit. 

But if we're in a rush and want to just pop open any bottle, what's the big deal here?

Apparently if the wine is too warm, the alcohol "dominates, and masks its subtle flavors," according to Taylors Wines. A wine that's too cold will have the flavors suppressed, the tannins harsher, and the acids sharper.

Well, that doesn't sound too appetizing.

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Rather, the wine at the recommended Goldilocks temperature will "reveal its delicious flavor, just as the winemaker intended."

So how do we do all of this without actually touching a thermometer? Put reds in the fridge about 30 minutes before serving.

Although if you ask us, when you're really in the mood for some wine, any temperature will do. 

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