Christmas Shopping Trends Are Proving Women Can Actually Learn a Little Something From Men

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During the holiday shopping season, you have to be pretty selfless. When you see something amazing and with a good price tag, you have to avoid temptation and instead gift it to someone else. Or you have to buy someone a gift so nice that you can't afford to spend money on yourself. You know the drill. 


This year, when it comes to holiday shopping, women might want to take note from the dudes and be a little more selfish -- i.e., gift yourself too. Treat yoself, ladies!

According to a recent survey by shopping rewards app Shopkick, 61 percent of men buy themselves a gift while holiday shopping, while only 52 percent of women do. 

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This behavior aligns with the results of a study done by DealNews back in November in which people were asked about their Black Friday shopping habits; 44 percent of men said they were going to shop for themselves, while 26 percent of women said the same, according to CBS News

I would say that this is enough evidence to go get yourself that sweater you've been eyeing each time you went to Nordstrom.

But this all begs the question: Who are the women shopping for then?

Everyone else, apparently. In the DealNews survey, more women than men said they were going to spend Black Friday shopping for the kids or relatives. 

Even though two in three women reported to be the ones actually fulfilling the holiday gift shopping list last year, only 30 percent of men were living in enough reality to admit that -- 41 percent of men said they were just as responsible for the holiday shopping as their female counterparts. Hmm.

"In [heterosexual] married households, women typically have a much broader consideration [of whom] to buy gifts for than the man, and are usually responsible for purchasing, wrapping, etc," Steve Soloman of Massachusetts Avenue Advisors told NBC News about this disparity. "Men typically think of their spouse, their kids, and maybe their parents. That's the end of the list of whom to buy gifts for and hence a usually lower expectation for the total budget."

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All I'm really gathering is that women should treat themselves to a massage for doing all the holiday-shopping heavy lifting.

Dudes might be onto something, though, because treating yourself, or having some self-compassion, has been found to help you feel better, and even lead you to having a better relationship with failure, according to Bustle. Plus, a little boost of dopamine never hurt anyone.

In summary: You deserve to gift yourself a little something something.

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