Woman Asks Mom for Family Recipe & the Instructions Are Too Funny Not to Share


Many of us grew up eating food from family recipes that remind us of comfort and home even when we just think about them. These recipes often have been passed down for generations from one kitchen to the next, and so it seems fair to assume that someone would have written a handy set of instructions on an index card tucked into a cookbook somewhere, right? Well, if you're like Krista Ball from Newfoundland, Canada, you'll discover that behind every family recipe is a mom who has been doing it her way for decades.  

  • On Twitter, Ball shared what happened when she called up her mom for the recipe of "Homemade bread," which is a Newfoundland thing. Her mom was pretty vague and nonchalant from the get-go.

    Okay, at the grocery store, be sure to grab the big bag of flour, which is not to be mistaken for the big, big bag.   

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  • Now, if you've ever baked anything before, you know that baking is pretty much like chemistry, and requires precision.

    So in this case it seem like Mom wants you to use the big, big pan, and not just the big one. Got that?

  • Ball's mom's measuring techniques just get more and more unique.

    At least "double" seems like something you can eyeball?

    Is anyone else getting a headache right now?

    (Btw, "maid" in this context is akin to "dude.")

  • Then Ball asked about how much yeast she should use, and her mom, of course, finally recommended a tangible way to measure: using Ball's dad's favorite glass mug.

    Sounds like Mom is working out a clever way to get her daughter to come over for a visit.

  • Okay, Mom.

  • Then the two had a small miscommunication over the use of water.

    Gordon Ramsey would be face-palming himself and flipping over the kitchen counter right now.

  • Now this part put the icing on the cake: When Ball asks what temperature the oven should be on, her mom is casual AF.

    See, moms who have been baking these dishes for decades have a sixth sense about when it's done. You just have to earn yours, Krista.

  • Then her mom says how she really feels: "It's not hard."

    But Ball -- and pretty much everyone who comes across this "recipe" -- would beg to differ.

  • People on Twitter called Ball's exchange with her mom "so relatable."

    "This is EXACTLY my entire conversation with my 80-year-old grandmother about 15 years ago!!" someone commented. "Never did get it."

    Okay, moms who are keepers of the family recipe: If we were in awe of your culinary skills before, we are doubly so now.

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