Sexy Costume Inspired by 12-Year-Old Girl on 'Stranger Things' Has People Furious

sexy eleven costume
When Halloween rolls around, a common joke circulates that it's the "one" time of year women are "allowed" to dress sexy without repercussions. While I firmly believe that women have that right year round, when it comes to certain sexy costumes, there should be a standard.

One of those standards should unequivocally be avoiding sexualized costumes of 12-year-olds

  • is known for its sexy collection of costumes, but recently crossed the line by creating one fashioned after Eleven from "Stranger Things."

    stranger things eleven costume yandy

    The costume is called "Upsidedown Honey" to avoid copyright infringement, but it is fairly obvious who it is meant to emulate.

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  • Twitter user @dilemmalord was among the first to notice the atrocity.

    The tweet definitely got some attention.

  • And others were quick to voice their concerns.

  • One user had a skin-crawling observation.

  • And others pointed out it isn't something that should have to be put into context.

  • Twitter user @variablecosplay's tweet noted what many were thinking.

  • Of course, there were a few that saw no problem with it at all.

  • And a few who tried to defend it.

    Eh, buddy, that's a stretch. 

  • Though, it could be argued that this isn't anything new -- just consider the hundreds of "sexy" Disney princess–inspired costumes floating around.

    sexy belle costume

    Especially when keeping in mind they were all about 16 years old.

  • But bottom line: Eleven is a 12-year-old kid played by real-life actress Millie Bobby Brown, and totally is a badass character to be for Halloween.

    And while the costume isn't overtly sexy, the implication and styling of it should be enough to give anyone interested in it a reason to reconsider. 

    If you're going to be Eleven this Halloween, keep it PG.