16 Rare & Unique Halloween Candies From Around the World

Kayla Boyd | Sep 19, 2017 Food & Party

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One of the best parts about Halloween is the candy, of course. Even for adults, it's still a treat to indulge in a few favorite sweets at this time of year. Whether I am looking for candy to hand out or just to keep in the house for the family (including myself), typically it is easier to just get the same things every year: Snickers, Reese's, Twix, Candy Corn, Dum-Dums, etc. You know -- all the delicious classics. (*Drool.*) 

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However, when people buy their same favorites every year, it can be easy to forget that there are millions of other candies out there to try. In addition to the shelves of options at the local corner stores, there are WAY more options available all over the world. 

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Although I probably won't be hopping on a plane to go on a candy tour any time soon (although that would be pretty amazing), the magical Internet is still an option! So why not try some rare, unique, and seemingly bizarre new candies this year? The worst that could happen is that no one in the house likes them. (Then there is always the option to hand them out the neighborhood kids.)  

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