So Cheese Tea Is a Thing & We're Not Sure How to Feel About It


Two great, comforting things in this world are tea and cheese. I think we can all agree on that. But can we all agree on a concoction that unapologetically combines the two and is called cheese tea? That one might be up in the air ... 

  • Cheese tea is exactly what it sounds like -- it's iced tea that's topped with a cheesy froth (or is it frothy cheese?).

    The concept, which goes by zhī shì chá in Mandarin, originated in Taiwanese food stalls, but is now making its way over to the United States, according to Condé Nast Traveler

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  • The idea is that the flavors of the tea and whipped cheese are complementary.

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    The cheese is supposed to tone down the tea's bitterness, which many young people find off-putting. 

    The original recipe called for powdered cheese, but places are now hand-crafting the beverages with real cream and cheese.

    You can also get froth that's lighter and more whipped, and is meant to pair well with fruitier teas.

  • Now for the big question: "What the heck does this taste like?" Apparently, not as gross as you'd think.

    "The first sip is a mouthful of whipped cheese," Kate Springer wrote for Condé Nast Traveler. "It's so rich, I feel a little ill. But when I swallow the tea and cheese together, it's like drinking a refreshing tea milkshake."

    The cheese tastes less like a mozzarella or one of those cheeses that you traditionally think of when you hear the word, and more like cream cheese, according to Instagram user @liveanddriveinla

  • So, dairy-lovers, rejoice. Now you have a new treat to add to your roster.

    Bye, green tea. Hello, cheese tea.  

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