15 Things You Can Make With Your Muffin Tin That Aren't Muffins

mini fruit crepes

Pouring your favorite muffin mix or homemade recipe in your muffin tin is an easy way to make a yummy breakfast or dessert. However, there is actually a lot more you can do with your muffin tin than you would think. Your muffin tin has the capability to make awesome things for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. From savory foods like pizza and corn dogs, to more decadent things like cheesecake and cookies, the options are abundant. 


Sometimes it's hard to get your kids to eat certain things, like veggies or meat, but if you can put a main-course meal in a cute, bite-sized serving, it becomes instantly more appealing. These fun foods can be great for hosting a party or for being on-the-go as well. 

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So don't limit your muffin tin to only various flavors of muffins and the occasional frosted cupcakes. There are plenty of other amazing things you can make that usually bake quickly and don't involve too much prep work either. Small foods like this can be easily packed for lunches and road trips or they can just be a fun way to switch it up for dinner. 

Here are 15 ways you can utilize your muffin tin for way more than just muffin mix.