In Spite of Global Warming, Scientists Make Time to Discover How Long to Dunk an Oreo in Milk For

dunk an oreo in milk
Alec Perkins/Wikimedia Commons

In the latest iteration of breaking scientific news, scientists have finally figured out how long you should dunk an Oreo in milk for. And it's truly a wonderful breakthrough. 

  • The answer is four seconds long, according to researchers at Utah State University's Splash Lab.

    (If you were wondering, the Splash Lab folks study liquids, hence the milk experiment.)

    The team was casually noshing on milk and cookies when they began arguing about the best dunking time. Obviously, science had to step in, and an experiment was born!

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  • For two weeks, they began dipping all sorts of cookies in milk and seeing how it absorbs liquid, and how long it takes to get to full capacity.

    "Basically, every cookie, it draws in milk at roughly the same rate," said Tadd Truscott, one of the researchers, according to Still, there's a slight variation among them. For instance, thin graham crackers can really only last about a second in milk. Poor things.

  • They found that Oreos absorb 50 percent of fluids after just one second, and it took four seconds to get to maximum absorption.

    After five seconds, Oreos can get soggy. "What's happened is the sugars are starting to break down as well as proteins and the more complicated structure within," Truscott said.

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  • Maybe this isn't the most valuable news you've ever read, but at least you'll have optimal enjoyment the next time you open a pack of Oreos.

    Happy dunking!