Woman Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With an Adult Smash Cake & It's Adorable AF

Katie Williams

30th birthday
Katie Williams

Culturally we put a ton of pressure on ourselves as we age, but there is something about turning 30 that tends to terrify people. Perhaps it's the fact that we've all grown up expecting that by 30, we'd own homes, be in committed relationships, and hit other mile-markers that society deems indicators of success. The truth is, folks just aren't living up to those expectations anymore -- and with some good reason. Women are strategically family planning, it's more socially acceptable to remain single, and plenty of other progressive movements are challenging our notions of "life plans" as we know them.

  • That's exactly why Allison Neff celebrated her 30th birthday in an unconventional way ...

    Allison Neff
    Allison Neff

    (and you're TOTALLY going to want to steal the idea!)

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  • ... with an epic cake-smash photo shoot as a way to usher in a new decade.

    Liz Pagenkopf

    "I had been to a few first birthday parties over the last year and ... honestly, it looked like fun," she jokes with CafeMom. 

  • "People make a big deal about 30," she adds on a more serious note.

    Michele Fike

    "And it felt like a big deal, but at the same time, it's just another year."

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  • Because what really matters at every stage of your life is having perspective.

    Michele Fike

    "I'm in a stable relationship, I have a good job, I have plenty of things to be happy about. So instead of dreading this milestone, I decided to smash it."

  • And smash it she did. Just look at her adorable, joyous face as she sinks her claws into that cake.

    Katie Williams

    Are you totally convinced to steal her idea yet?

  • You're definitely going to own your 30s with that attitude, Allison.

    Katie Williams

    Happy birthday, girl!