Champagne Cocktails for New Year's Eve


In a previous post about affordable wine for the holidays, CafeMom VineyardValues told us how to stretch a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine into many glasses by adding fruit juice or puree. That's pretty good advice now that New Year's Eve is just around the corner!

VineyardValues suggests adding cranberry juice or peach nectar. Keep reading for more yummy-sounding champagne cocktails.


Here are some suggestions of delicious ingredients you can add to your champagne or sparkling wine for New Year's Eve or your next celebration. A good rule to follow is 1 part ingredient to 1 part champagne:

  • Fresh peach or mango puree (a.k.a. the Bellini)
  • Orange juice (for the classic mimosa combo)
  • Pineapple juice with a dash of grenadine for added flair
  • Crushed frozen raspberries or strawberries with lime juice and fresh mint
  • Blended frozen blueberries with lemon juice

And if you don't or can't drink alcohol, sparkling grape juice, sparkling cider, or even ginger ale works just as well!

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