8 Stylish Secrets to Putting Everyone Else’s Potluck Dessert to Shame

8 Stylish Secrets to Putting Everyone Else’s Potluck Dessert to Shame

Whether you’re bringing a sweet treat to someone else’s summer cookout or party or setting one out at your own potluck, you want it to stand out in the crowd. No, you didn’t spend hours in the kitchen slaving away over a hot oven to produce an impressive dessert – you’re smarter than that, and you want everyone to know it. Your summer sweet go-to is any one of the scrumptious and irresistible varieties of  Edwards® Desserts that go effortlessly from freezer to table. Make your offering really stand out with these equally simple but totally impressive serving

  • Stacked With Style


    No special equipment is needed for this elegant display. Just place a cooling rack on a placemat or decorative charger (round or rectangular, whatever you have) and serve the pie from a plate set on top.

  • Upside-Down Display


    Fill a glass pie plate with something pretty and festive (we opted for metallic gold garland, but you can use streamers, ribbon, or even tiny pompoms) and carefully invert it over a larger serving platter or cutting board.

  • A Colorful Statement


    Stack oversized serving trays and place the pie on top of a modern paper doily in the center. Serve slices of pie on coordinating paper plates.

  • Rise to the Occasion


    Glass drink dispensers look great on these stands…but so do pies! Serve the beverage alongside in a pitcher and let dessert be elevated to center stage on a picnic-perfect stand.

  • Pre-Cut Perfection


    Slate trays aren’t just for serving savories like cheeses and canapes. Make a simple and elegant display by arranging pie slices on a piece of slate, with fun and festive paper “sporks” alongside.

  • Turn Retro on Its Head


    Just because you can’t serve pie in a classic vintage bowl doesn’t mean you can’t serve pie on one. Invert and top with a pie on a plate for a super-easy retro display.

  • Spell It Out


    These pies are no-bake, but you can still put a rimmed baking sheet to good use for an adorable presentation with magnetic letters that let guests know what’s for dessert!

  • A Summer Classic


    Edwards® S’mores Pie is perfectly at home on a stack of rustic wooden trays, with slices served on outdoor-friendly enamelware plates. It’ll give your guests all  the fun and flavor of the campfire classic with none of the messy hassle!

    Own your next occasion with Edwards® Desserts.

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