16 Costco Salad Hacks to Bring to Your Next BBQ

16 Costco Salad Hacks to Bring to Your Next BBQ


No one likes a hot kitchen. Especially in the middle of a heat wave. If you think you've got to sweat it out in order to bring something big to your next BBQ, think again. Costco salads are the perfect start to a great get-together meal. They are easily dressed up with fresh ingredients to become something new and impressive. The superstore's salads run the range from raw kale to cooked chicken and some even come with fixings, which you can toss or leave in depending on your culinary creativity in the moment. 

The best part about salad hacks is that you don't have to be a kitchen pro to put them together. Summer parties and BBQs are the ideal events for coming up with cold dishes that use pantry ingredients and leftovers. And when there is no time -- or desire -- for cooking, a Costo salad hack is just what you need. Hacks are a great way to make something extra out of something simple. Think stuffed salad boats with prepared quinoa salad, pasta primavera salad using leftover macaroni salad and a slaw kit and strawberries tossed with kale.

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Another big bonus? They are affordable. Coming up with a dish to feed a party can be expensive and time-consuming. These easy salads are budget friendly, and you can pull them together in a short time -- but they still look and taste like they were recipe-tested for months.

Here are the 15 hacks you need to know to transform Costco's premade salad into a party-worthy pot luck.


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