15 Refreshing Summer Sweets Kids Love -- & Are Secretly Healthy

Kelly Ladd | Jul 14, 2017 Food & Party
15 Refreshing Summer Sweets Kids Love -- & Are Secretly Healthy
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When it comes to summer snacks, you want to serve your kids something healthy, but they want something sweet -- and refreshing when the weather's hot. Why not compromise? We found 15 ideas that will make you both very happy. 

Get your kids hyped up about eating fruit (especially if they are picky eaters) by getting them in on the action. Have them help make these snacks. Not only will it teach them how to make their own food, but it will also keep them away from electronics for at least 30 minutes. Score for both of you! 

  • Fruit and Veggie Frozen Fruit Pops


    Your kids are going to love these frozen pops from Hello, Wonderful because they're truly tasty. You're going to love them because they are packed with healthy ingredients, like pineapple, spinach, orange, beets, and berries. It's a perfect combo. 

  • Watermelon Fruit Pizza


    This grain-free summer snack from Six Sisters' Stuff will blow your kid's mind because it resembles pizza but it's loaded with their favorite fruit. Smear a slice of watermelon with a sweet cream cheese mixture and then top with colorful berries and kiwis.  

  • Peach Raspberry Crumb Bars


    The BakerMama came up with a healthy recipe that features favorite summer flavors like peaches and raspberry. These little snack bars are awesome for playdates or just chillin' in front of the TV with the family. 

  • Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pops


    Agnes from Hello, Wonderful came up with an easy frozen yogurt fruit pop recipe that kids adore. Simply mix together fresh diced fruit with Greek yogurt and freeze. It's that easy.

  • 2-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream Bites


    The BakerMama came up with a perfect snack for a hot summer's day. Blend together frozen bananas with chocolate chips. Then scoop the mixture into a muffin tin and freeze. When ready pop 'em out and enjoy.

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  • Granola and Fruit Parfait


    Here's a healthy snack from Tatyana's Everyday Food that is perfect for when the kids need a break from all that running through the sprinklers. Simply layer seasonal fruit like raspberries, blueberries, and nectarines with granola and Greek yogurt. Then serve in a clear glass to show off the colorful layers.

  • Healthy Apple 'Donuts'


    This healthy apple donut recipe from Laura Fuentes is a snap to make and will keep the kids busy for a while. Simply cut out the apple's core and slice the rest into rings; then drizzle with melted peanut butter, chocolate, and white chocolate. Don't forget to add sprinkles and mini chocolate chips to the top. 

  • Frozen Kiwi Mango and Raspberry Pops


    Not only are these layered fruit pops from Skinny Taste colorful; they are good for you too. All you have to do is puree fruits and freeze them in layers. Have fun with these pops and experiment with a variety fruit flavors. 

  • Fruit and Veggie Gummy Snacks


    If you don't think your kids get enough greens in their diet, this recipe from The Stay at Home Chef is a great way to sneak some in. Mix together orange juice and blended berries and spinach with gelatin and chill. Then cut into mini cubes. You kids will devour these. 

  • Fruit Salad in a Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl


    Make your own fruit salad bowl with your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. All you need to do is spread the dough over the bottom of muffin tins and bake. The dough bakes into perfect little bowls that you can fill with your family's favorite fruit. Kelly behind Handmade by Kelly used a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe for her fruit bowls. 

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  • Chocolate and Dried Fruit Bites


    The View From Great Island let us in on a quick snack that sneaks in the healthy elements. Pour melted chocolate on parchment paper, then top with your favorite nuts and dried fruit like raisins, cranberries, papaya, mango, and pineapple. 

  • Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana Pops


    These frozen chocolate covered banana pops from The Healthy Maven are a perfect summer treat; they're good for you and they will cool off your kids. Drizzle melted chocolate with a little bit of coconut oil over a banana. Cover it with your favorite toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, or nuts. Pop this crowd-pleaser in the freezer and enjoy.

  • Peanut Butter Banana Bites


    Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts came up with a tasty and creative way for kids to get their potassium for the day. She sliced bananas and topped the slices with a layer of peanut butter and sprinkles. Then she added half of a Popsicle stick for fun. 

  • Healthy Chocolate Fruit Fondue


    When your kids come out of the pool, let them dip again. This time, they'll dip fresh fruit into melted chocolate. Simply cut up a variety of fruit and place them in a muffin tin like in this idea from Handmade by Kelly. This is a good way to have your kids experiment with new fruit flavors.

  • Tropical Fruit Smoothie


    This tasty fruit smoothie will quench your kids' thirst after coming in from playing in the summer heat, and will provide them with a bunch of nutrients. Follow the lead from Tatyana's Everyday Food and use coconut milk for the base and blend together your favorite tropical fruit like bananas, papaya, and pineapple with berries. 

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