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13 Meals You Didn't Know You Could Make in a Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker Meals Made Easy!
Jennifer Lee/KirbieCravings

When the summer heat hits, the thought of turning on the oven fills most mothers with utter dread. And with the kids running from camp to swim practice, who the heck has time to do all of that prep anyways? Slow cookers are fabulous when you want to let something simmer for hours, but really, we tend to make more "wintry" meals in them. And microwaves are of course good in a pinch, but nothing too healthy usually comes out of being nuked for three minutes. Enter: THE RICE COOKER. 

Seriously, this unsuspecting gadget is good for cooking more than a simple side-dish!  

Whether you are in the mood for delicious pancakes (yes, pancakes!) or want a savory clay pot chicken dinner tonight, here are 13 dishes you can totally make in your rice cooker.

1Rice Cooker Pancake

Yes, folks, yummy pancakes can easily be made in your rice cooker. Curious to know how? Jennifer Lee at Kirbie's Cravings shows you how to make ginormous pancakes that are sure to be a total crowd-pleaser. Try her Rice Cooker Pancake recipe next time you want a satisfying breakfast.

3Gluten-Free Banana Bread

Surprisingly bread can also be made in your rice cooker. Jasmine Lukuku at The Blenderist has a banana bread dessert (or breakfast!) idea that will make your tummy rumble. Try her Gluten-free Banana Bread recipe when you want to get creative in the kitchen.

4Rice Cooker Claypot Chicken Rice

Think filling dinner meals weren't possible in a rice cooker? Ann Hsu Kaufman at Grit and Chopsticks offers a scrumptious dinner idea you won't be disappointed with. Try her Rice Cooker Claypot Chicken Rice dish recipe when you want a meal that's yummy and won't heat up the house.

5Rice Cooker Vegan Lentil Bolognese

Looking for a vegan lunch or dinner idea you can easily make in your rice cooker? Margaret Helthaler at Veggie Primer has meatless dish perfect for your next Meatless Monday meal. Try her Rice Cooker Vegan Lentil Bolognese recipe next time you have pasta on the brain.

7Coconut Rice Pudding

Want a simple breakfast idea that won't take long to make? Gemma Stafford at Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking has a nutritious breakfast staple that's anything but bland. Try her Coconut Rice Pudding recipe if you want a shake-up on the usual breakfast (or dessert) classics.

8Slow Cooked Lamb

You don't have to be a skilled chef to whip up easy meals in your rice cooker, especially since Alicia Walker at A Foodie World shares a recipe that is practically foolproof. Try her Slow Cooked Lamb recipe when you want to sharpen your culinary skills.

9Rice Cooker Risotto

If you are getting bored with rice, feel free to make some grains and even risotto in your rice cooker. Carolyn Jung at Food Gal has a mouth-watering risotto dish that can easily be paired with meat and veggie dishes. Try her Rice Cooker Risotto recipe next time you want to give a new side dish a try.

10Japanese-Style Cheesecake

Dessert items are totally doable in your rice cooker, especially cakes that prove to be extra light and fluffy. Eva Hom at Sweet Therapy satisfies your sweet tooth with a dessert idea unlike any other. Try her Japanese-Style Cheesecake recipe next time you want something sweet.

11Rice Cooker Ribs and Rice

Meats are definitely rice cooker safe, especially since Sarah at The Woks of Life has a dinner idea that won't leave you hungry. Try her Rice Cooker Ribs and Rice recipe when you want something filling and not to mention tasty.

12Rice Cooker Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Even casseroles can be made in your rice cooker. Not convinced? Christine Melanson at Ciao Veggie has a casserole idea you lazy gals (and guys!) will love. Try her Rice Cooker Broccoli Quinoa Casserole recipe on your next busy workday.

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