13 Meals You Didn't Know You Could Make in a Rice Cooker

Courtney Leiva | Jun 22, 2017 Food & Party

Rice Cooker Meals Made Easy!
Jennifer Lee/KirbieCravings

When the summer heat hits, the thought of turning on the oven fills most mothers with utter dread. And with the kids running from camp to swim practice, who the heck has time to do all of that prep anyways? Slow cookers are fabulous when you want to let something simmer for hours, but really, we tend to make more "wintry" meals in them. And microwaves are of course good in a pinch, but nothing too healthy usually comes out of being nuked for three minutes. Enter: THE RICE COOKER. 

Seriously, this unsuspecting gadget is good for cooking more than a simple side-dish!  

Whether you are in the mood for delicious pancakes (yes, pancakes!) or want a savory clay pot chicken dinner tonight, here are 13 dishes you can totally make in your rice cooker.

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