6 Summer Party Desserts Everyone Is Sick of Eating, But Is Too Polite To Admit

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It's not just the waterlogged grocery-store fruit plate (can you tell under-ripe watermelon from over-ripe cantaloupe?) that we really aren't looking forward to. Here are some other sweets that still don’t make our heart skip a beat, plus a deliciously easy and impressive go-to alternative that will help you really bring the sweet to any party this summer.


1. A “unicorn” cake from the trendy bakery is certainly eye-catching and probably delicious, too, but no grown-up wants to walk around and make small talk with rainbow-colored teeth. Let’s stick to vanilla and chocolate frosting, please.

2. Watermelon slices should be a side dish when you’re at a barbecue – don’t try to pass them off as a dessert, no matter how cutesy you slice them.

3. Individual store-bought pudding cups have their place, just not as part of a festive dessert spread. They scream lunchbox snack, and school’s out for summer, kids!

4.  Ice cream sandwiches are a warm-weather classic, but their quick-melting nature makes then a less-than-ideal pick for parties.  If you have to put them on plates and eat them with a spoon, why bother? Isn’t that why we have crème pies??

5. Along those lines, please don’t put out a lonely tray of frozen ice-pop tubes (you know the ones we mean – they’re impossible to open without scissors) and nothing else for dessert. Unless they’re spiked with liquor (now there’s an idea!), no adult is going to eat them.

6. Store-bought chocolate-chip cookies are wonderful, glorious creations that deserve our undying praise and devotion, but they’re everyone’s go-to potluck treat and frankly, we’re kinda over them.

So what is the brilliantly simple, amazingly delicious alternative to these subpar sweets? Edwards® Desserts, my friends. Trust me – there will be no sad leftovers at the end of the soiree. All you have to do is pick up your favorite variety (or two) at the store – like the summery classics  Edwards® Key Lime Pie and  Edwards® Cookies and Crème Pie - and let them thaw on the dessert table before serving. Then you can stand back and watch the party-goers gravitate toward a sweet treat they’ll really love. Just make sure you grab a slice before they’re all gone!

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