15 Hearty & Delicious Breakfast Ideas to Fuel His Father's Day

breakfast dishes for father's day
dadwithapan/Instagram; floatingkitchen/Instagram

When it comes to celebrating your partner and/or your own dad on Father's Day, you probably tend to think in terms of an out-of-this-world morning meal. Oh, sure, you could fire up the grill or go out for a fancy dinner, but there's something about breakfast (or, if he gets to sleep in a bit, brunch!) that hits that perfectly relaxing, summer holiday note. It doesn't hurt that some of the most decadent, hearty dishes dads tend to love (bacon, waffles, more bacon) are breakfast foods.


Whether they dig meat, are vegan, or have a killer sweet tooth, there's a perfect, hearty breakfast idea for any dad. Here, 15 OMG-worthy, filling recipes you'll want to try -- maybe even before dad's day rolls around.