Noodles Got a Unicorn Makeover & We're Actually Here for It

unicorn noodles
if you're waiting for the unicorn trend to jump the proverbial shark, don't hold your breath. The magical beasts have permeated everything from fashion to food. The latest obsession? Unicorn noodles -- and believe us when we say this time they really are straight-up magic. 


Unlike Starbucks' recent foray into the Unicorn biz, these noodles get their vibrant shades 100 percent naturally.

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unicorn noodles

Simply boil a purple cabbage in water, remove the cabbage, and soak Vietnamese "glass" noodles in the tinted water for 5 to 10 minutes. Once they've taken on a gorgeous blue hue, hit them with a spritz of lemon juice and watch the noodles change to pink before your eyes.

So not only are they totally mesmerizing, they are pretty damn healthy for you too. 

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The vibrancy of color will depend on how long you cook the cabbage for and allow the noodles to soak. 

colorful noodles

Are you adding this magical dish to your weeknight meal plan? Sound off in the comments. 

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