Kinder Eggs Are FINALLY Coming to the US & Just Take All My Money

Kinder Joy
Say good-bye to the days of smuggling Kinder contraband -- Italian candymaker Ferrero announced that these European favorites will hit US shelves in January 2018.


Kinder Surprise Eggs are banned in the US by the FDA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, as the little toys that come inside the eggs present a choking hazard. Though they have been illegally on shelves via a black market (yes, seriously, they are that good) for years, they've never been available legitimately. Kinder Joy Eggs, the newest of the Kinder creations, will be legally available for the first time, as the toy is packaged with the egg and not inside of it.

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And for those of you who are saying "who cares?" all I have to say is: 

Kinder Eggs are glorious chocolate egg shells filled with two crispy wafers and freaking more DELICIOUS creamy chocolate inside that have been out of reach since 2001. And goddammit it is OUR TURN. 

You can eat them with a spoon! They come with a toy! Why wouldn't you be pumped?!

Welp, I know how I'll be spending my new year...

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