15 Post-Workout Snack Ideas That Won't Leave You Hungry

Courtney Leiva | Jun 23, 2017 Food & Party

fit woman stretching
Christopher Campbell/Unsplash

After an intense sweat session, it may be tempting to reach for that scrumptious drive-through breakfast sandwich, but while these food items can definitely be tasty, they also tend to be very fatty, and not to mention high in calories. To avoid the bloating (and crashing!) after your workout, it's wise to pick up some munchies that will boost your mind and your body. "People need to understand that it's not simply a number of calories they consume; it really comes down to the quality of those calories," says Alex Haschen, personal trainer and nutritionist. "Pre- and post-workout snacks should be eaten with their goal in mind, and if that is a leaner, happier, and healthier body, the food needs to reflect that."

To refuel like a pro after your workout, try opting for snacks that are high in protein and free of sugar. Not sure to what to pack in your gym bag? Here are 15 expert-approved snack ideas you can totally give a try.

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