20 Whimsical Ways to Get Unicorn or Mermaid Toast in Your Life

Courtney Leiva | Apr 10, 2017 Food & Party
20 Whimsical Ways to Get Unicorn or Mermaid Toast in Your Life

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The latest buzzworthy, pretty, and delicious-looking food trend is mermaid toast, or unicorn toast, depending on your preference. Created by food artist Adeline Waugh, unicorn toast first came into the food scene late last year, causing it to quickly become a viral sensation on Instagram. Usually created with the help of cream cheese and natural food dyes (think spirulina powder!) and even sprinkles, the tasty treat definitely has visual appeal.

But just when the Internet thought it couldn't handle unicorn toast, mermaid toast came along and changed the game even more. Mermaid toast typically requires cream cheese, algae powder, and a dusting of edible gold flakes to your toast -- which makes it look like a gorgeous ocean swirl. 

While some may feel that the new toast trend is a bit excessive, we won't deny that it is one thing we can't stop liking over on Instagram. To get a closer look at all things unicorn and mermaid toast, here are 20 ideas -- from dairy-free to neon-hued! -- that will totally make your mouth water.

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