17 'Gilmore Girls' Viewing Party Ideas That'll Give You All the #Nostalgia Vibes

Image: Netflix

gilmore girls a year in the life

It's been nine long years since we last visited the quaint streets of Stars Hollow or heard the fast-talking Lorelai go on about those poodles already, and let us tell you that we are SO READY for everything Gilmore again. Sure, you could binge-watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix alone on your couch, but with all of the drama and comedy to come, you're going to need a #squad to help you through it all.


To that end, we've rounded up 17 ideas to throw the best party on this side of Stars Hollow. You'll need plenty of junk food (of course), tons of kitschy decorations (obvi), and probably more coffee than has ever been grown in the history of humanity. The gauntlet has been thrown. Godspeed.

So get ready to hear those calming guitar riffs and la la las as you shove pizza and Pop-Tarts in your face like Rory crammed for finals at Chilton, take a deep swig of Babette's infamous Founders Day Punch, and remember -- no cell phones. Welcome back to your favorite little corner of the world. 

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