17 'Gilmore Girls' Viewing Party Ideas That'll Give You All the #Nostalgia Vibes

Beth Stebner | Nov 22, 2016 Food & Party
17 'Gilmore Girls' Viewing Party Ideas That'll Give You All the #Nostalgia Vibes
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It's been nine long years since we last visited the quaint streets of Stars Hollow or heard the fast-talking Lorelai go on about those poodles already, and let us tell you that we are SO READY for everything Gilmore again. Sure, you could binge-watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix alone on your couch, but with all of the drama and comedy to come, you're going to need a #squad to help you through it all.

To that end, we've rounded up 17 ideas to throw the best party on this side of Stars Hollow. You'll need plenty of junk food (of course), tons of kitschy decorations (obvi), and probably more coffee than has ever been grown in the history of humanity. The gauntlet has been thrown. Godspeed.

So get ready to hear those calming guitar riffs and la la las as you shove pizza and Pop-Tarts in your face like Rory crammed for finals at Chilton, take a deep swig of Babette's infamous Founders Day Punch, and remember -- no cell phones. Welcome back to your favorite little corner of the world. 

  • Make sure the invites are proper


    You wouldn't dare show up to a Friday Night Dinner without the appropriate attire, and we wouldn't dream of hosting a Gilmore Girls viewing party without the appropriate invitation. Because secretly, we all have a love of gimlets and Chanel suits.

    Emily Gilmore Is My Spirit Animal card, $4.75 for one; at Little Otsu

  • Have a dress code

    The WB

    Every Gilmore knows that there's a proper way to dress for every occasion, and laying down the ground rule is of the utmost importance. So whether your #inspo is All Emily, All the Time, or Early '00s Lorelai and Luke plaid, stick to it, and strike a pose!

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  • Wear the swag

    Look Human

    True, there are tons of pop culturally savvy GG shirts you *could* wear, but we're partial to this one, as it's one of the most obscure. You know you're dealing with true fans if they get this reference.

    "Babette Ate Oatmeal!" shirt, $19.99; at Look Human

  • Put those cellphones away


    The last thing you want at your viewing party is a bunch of social media spoilers. So make like Luke in 2002 and ban all cell phones (and, by proxy, smartphones) from the party.

    "No Cell Phones" printable poster, $6.00; at Etsy

  • Show your allegiance


    It seems like all anybody can talk about is who Rory will end up with (#TeamLogan forever!). So why not remind your guests who all the players are by writing their names on balloons with chalk markers? Find the tutorial here.

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  • 'Scent' the mood


    Yeah, yeah, there are four seasons in A Year in the Life, blah blah blah, but in our minds, it's always fall in Stars Hollow. Get everyone into a cozy place with this candle, with notes of maple, apples, toasted marshmallows, spice, and everything nice!

    Stars Hollow Scented Vegan Soy Candle, $16.50; at Etsy

  • Grab dinner at the Gilmore house


    Lorelai and Rory are nothing if not brave ambassadors for gut-busting greasy food that somehow doesn't bust their guts. Though you can't get Chinese from Al's Pancake World, you can still do the Gilmore's proud by ordering waaaaaay too much takeout. 

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  • ... and serve it with a side of fries


    Mrs. Kim says that fries are the devil's starchy fingers, but these garlic matchstick fries from Minimalist Baker are technically baked, so maybe they're not so evil? 

  • Serve some sweet treats


    A true staple in the Gilmore house, Pop-Tarts single-handedly fuelled Rory through her Chilton years. If you're feeling fancy or have a Sookie-ish friend who loves going the extra culinary mile, try these homemade ones by B. Britnell.

  • Top it off with more sugar


    One of the axioms of Gilmore gastronomy is that the more devoid of vitamins and minerals (and the more chock-full of sugar), the better. Combining Rory's love of cereal and Lorelai's love of ice cream, we give you the ultimate crowd-pleaser -- a marshmallow treat milkshake.

    Recipe: Jelly Toast



    This goes without saying, but make sure you have enough coffee to last for at least three encore screenings. 

  • Drink in honor of Rory...


    Remember when Emily and Richard threw Rory that stuffy 21st birthday party, and they had a yummy bartender create a bespoke cocktail in honor of the occassion? Find the recipe here -- and remember to chase it with something that's a little less, er, pink.

  • ... or brave Miss Patty's Founders Day Punch


    Few things are more legendary -- or lethal -- than Miss Patty's Founders Day Punch. It left Rory crying on the bathroom floor and Paris sans shoes walking through downtown Stars Hollow making fart noises at passersby. But if you dare, whip up a batch, here

  • Bring your fun flask


    Sure, the fun flask was truly only broken out before a Yale vs. Harvard football game, but we think it's a timeless addition to any Gilmore-inspired event.

    "Happy Hour" Flask, $40; at Kate Spade

  • Show your guests you're ready for anything


    We love this vintage-inspired print that captures Rory's daring jump with the Life and Death Brigade, and we guess your friends will love it, too. Find it here

  • Take it to go ...


    When the party's all done, pack up the leftovers (because of course there will be leftovers) in these cute printable Al's Pancake World boxes. Then get ready to live off of Chinese takeout for the next week.

    Al's Pancake World Printable Takeout Boxes, $5 for download; at Etsy

  • ... and give a gift that keeps on giving

    Greenwich Letterpress

    Once the party's over and you've lived a year in the life, send your guests out on the road with perhaps the best key tag ever to be made.

    Dragonfly Inn Key Tag, $6.00; at Greenwich Letterpress

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