33 Gorgeous Ideas for a Winter Wonderland–Inspired Wedding

Anne Meadows | Dec 8, 2016 Food & Party
33 Gorgeous Ideas for a Winter Wonderland–Inspired Wedding
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Before any folks quickly write off the idea of a winter wedding, they should stop and think about everything it has to offer. Winter weddings provide the chance to use cozy, soft fabrics in icy blue and cream color palettes. The wedded couple can offer guests mittens in their wedding colors and hot cocoa (with marshmallows) send-offs. And best of all, there stands a chance for a truly romantic dusting of snow over the entire proceedings. 

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What could be more romantic than snow on the ground, cozy furs, and a beautiful white background for the most magical wedding photos? If one is engaged (or thinking about renewing vows), these wintry photos are guaranteed to have a person oohing and aahing over the potential a winter wedding date could have. We found winter wedding ideas that might just convince many folks to ditch their dreams of eloping on an island -- because honestly, white looks good on everyone and who needs sand to stick to their dress? Get ready to pin these great ideas!

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Take a look at our beautiful list and let us know which ideas seem like a winter wedding wonderland!

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  • Silver & Wood Table Setting


    This fantastic forest table setting put together with the help of a designer and florist invites us into a cozy, rustic world. It's a touch vintage -- but very now -- and would look magical at your winter wedding. 

  • Nearly Naked Cake


    The "naked cake" trend isn't going anywhere soon ... and we don't mind. This wintry version uses dustings of snow-like powdered sugar and a wood slice base to bring the forest to the table. The pinecone and holly topper just amps the rustic, natural ante. 

  • To-Die-For Hair


    Sigh ... This photo is just wintry perfection. The updo is flawless. The flowers are a gorgeous complement to the hair. The sweater is fuzzy warm perfection. The snowy background? Perfect. Just lovely. 

  • No Cold Shoulders Here


    These bridesmaids look so adorable dolled up in their deep red dresses with luxe fur wraps. Who minds a little dusting of snow when you look this fabulous? 

  • Winter Wonderland

    Wedding photography/Shutterstock

    Finding a perfect wedding venue is one of the first things on any newly engaged couple's list, but no one can predict what the weather will be on your big day. If you get lucky and it snows the day before your wedding, the results can be absolutely magical, in a way a traditional spring wedding just can't be. 

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  • Invitation Envy


    Invitations go out months before the big day, but they set the tone and style of the affair for your guests. These ripped-edge paper invites with string and pressed wax details set the stage for a romantic and very vintage wedding. Calligraphic lettering and antique stamps complete this look.  

  • Fur & Peonies


    This winter bride looks gorgeous in her cropped fur jacket, and the traditional white bouquet dressed up with wintry greenery just tops off the look. We love this modern retro vibe!

  • Snuggle Up


    A pile of uber-soft throw blankets for your guests to borrow from is a darling idea for any cool-weather wedding. Your guests will love cuddling underneath them to ward off any chill in the air. The hand-drawn chalkboard sign adds a romantic touch.

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  • Wrap & Belt


    If you're set to be a winter bride, but a fur wrap's not really your thing, give this chic idea a try: a soft flowy cardigan cinched with a leather belt. The outfit looks effortlessly stylish and so casually comfy. 

  • Floral Ring Box

    Sveta Yaroshuk/Shutterstock

    How darling is this little wooden ring box? Nestled in a fresh bloom, this spin on the ring pillow is perfect for a winter wedding. And the comfy white knit gloves are a perfect complement. 

  • Nature's Cathedral


    There's no more perfect backdrop for the uniting of two souls than a grove of fir trees -- evergreen, ever strong, and ever sharing in the same sun and rain. What a fitting illustration of a love that will stand the test of time. The warmly glowing candles along the path just ramp up the dreamlike nature of this inspiring ceremony. 

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  • Owl & Birch Cake


    Naturally, if you're going for a wintry forest theme, you have to go with the new trend of having your cake's icing look like the bark of a white birch tree. The cute mini pinecones and little owl couple on top make it unmistakably clear: This wedding is a winter wonderland. 

  • DIY Pinecone Fire Starter Favor


    Winter weddings have just as much DIY project potential as their traditional springtime counterparts -- take these crafty 'cones, for example. You can dip them in wax (that matches "your colors," of course) and hand them out as favors for your guests. They look so luxe, no one would guess you made them yourself!

  • Painted Icing


    This stunning wedding cake flaunts a painted watercolor technique to incorporate swashes of the bride's colors into the icing. It's almost too beautiful to eat, don't you think?

  • Winter Palette Flowers


    This bouquet represents the perfect winter palette -- soft, dusty green, creamy white, pale lavender, even some sprinkles of faded blue and pink. Wrapped together with satin and polka dot ribbons, this bouquet is pure winter-wonderland perfection. 

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  • Juniper-Draped Chairs


    We love creative uses for greenery in wedding decor -- and winter weddings offer several lush shades of green to choose from. These delicate sprigs are tied to guests' chairs with a sweet velvet ribbon for a touch of understated Victorian luxury. 

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  • Winter Bride


    This delicate feminine look uses lace-like embellishments on a blush sweater to keep the bride warm and photo-ready. It looks traditional but ultimately comfortable and chic. Sure beats yanking up a sleeveless bustier all night!

  • Reindeer Table


    Okay, true, this rustic rough-hewn table with dramatic red and silver accents is far from practical in terms of a wedding reception. The antlers are a particularly "extra" touch. But there's something undoubtedly romantic and dreamy about this table setting -- even if steaming mugs of ale and thick fur throw blankets are required to enjoy it! 

  • Green Cardigan

    Alex Gukalov/Shutterstock

    This velvety emerald cardigan with pearl buttons is a genius choice for a wedding dress topper. The color is bold, the texture luxurious, and in combination with the pale green and yellow bouquet, it's just a stunning look. 

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  • Romance, Defined


    You really can't get much more romantic than a low-dipping kiss! Oh wait -- add some freshly falling snow! So dreamy. 

  • Flower Crown

    Valery Petrushkov/Shutterstock

    Winter brides don't have to miss out on the popular flower crown trend. This lovely winter bud crown beautifully complements the icy blue and white bouquet. Sprays of evergreen mixed with pinecone and thistle really make this crown stand out for a unique spin on boho style. 

  • Blue 'I Do'


    Cool blue and silver make for a great winter wedding palette. This couple chose a mix of bright indigo and icy pale blue and added punch with the variety of textured fabrics. This stylish look is definitely one to consider for any adventurous winter bride. 

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  • Colored Smoke

    Tatiana Chekryzhova/Shutterstock

    Another idea for the couple that likes to make a statement -- colored smoke. These smoke bomb sticks will billow smoke in your chosen colors, which will stand out amazingly against fresh snow (and traditional wedding wear). The cool photographs alone make it worth trying!

  • Lavender Bouquet

    Yana Ermakova/Shutterstock

    This wildflower-inspired bouquet features lavender, cotton, miniature peonies, and eucalyptus. It's super fresh and fragrant looking, while tying into the winter theme so beautifully. 

  • Green Halo


    On the subtler side of a full flower crown, this wreath made mostly of greenery looks so delicate and sweet. When paired with an ornately twisted updo, the look ascends to the divine. Hey, goddesses get married, too, right?

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  • Glass Ring Box


    If a feminine, vintage wedding style is what you're after, try including lace and glass details. This invite on kraft paper with a sweet lace bow made out of ribbon feels traditional but fun, while the antique brass and etched glass ring box looks like something borrowed from a beloved grandmother's dressing table. So sweet and pretty.

  • Exotic Bouquet


    This creative winter bouquet eschews traditional blossoms in favor of dried flowers, cotton stalks, pinecones (of course), cinnamon sticks, and colorful Christmas-ornament-like spheres. We love this indie spin on a bridal arrangement, especially since it incorporates so many cool unique elements. 

  • Coordinated Couple


    What this stunning wedding portrait shows us is that even in the absence of snow, a winter wedding can still be downright gorgeous. The cascading bouquet with long, flowing ribbons steals the scene here, but the bridal gown is equally as lovely. The gray, blue, and off-white color palette is beautifully picked up in the stones of the dry riverbed. So stark and spectacular!

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  • Bridal Party in Snow


    Neutral-toned weddings are very in right now -- and the combo of short dresses with cowboy boots looks so cute on this group! The baby's breath bouquets and non-matching dresses give the ensemble a homespun, country feel and we love it!

  • Wintry Cotton Bouquet


    This perfectly round white bouquet combines fuzzy cotton stalks with cream-colored roses and mini sprigs of faded greenery. The look is rustic, sophisticated, and just a touch country. The contrasting dark brown fur wrap looks fab with this bouquet, too. 

  • Groomsmen in Sweaters


    Arguably one of the best things about cooler weather is the opportunity to snuggle up in comfy sweaters. And a casual wedding is the perfect time to mix those soft, warm fabrics with more traditional jackets and bow ties. Get all your guys in a similar color or style to keep it from looking like just another Saturday on the slopes. 

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  • Red Door Cookies


    The best wedding favors, hands-down, are edible ones. Why not send off your guests with some cute, Christmas-inspired iced cookies? You can add personal details like the house number of your new shared home, or a wreath featuring the colors of your wedding palette. The options are endless, but the choice is easy -- cookies for the win.

  • Hot Cocoa & Apple Cider Bar


    Kick off your winter wedding reception the right way -- with hot cocoa and/or warm apple cider for your guests. Who wouldn't love a toasty cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows on a cool winter evening? This rustic, serve-yourself setup is perfect for a barn or outdoor wedding.

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