33 Gorgeous Ideas for a Winter Wonderland–Inspired Wedding


Before any folks quickly write off the idea of a winter wedding, they should stop and think about everything it has to offer. Winter weddings provide the chance to use cozy, soft fabrics in icy blue and cream color palettes. The wedded couple can offer guests mittens in their wedding colors and hot cocoa (with marshmallows) send-offs. And best of all, there stands a chance for a truly romantic dusting of snow over the entire proceedings. 


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What could be more romantic than snow on the ground, cozy furs, and a beautiful white background for the most magical wedding photos? If one is engaged (or thinking about renewing vows), these wintry photos are guaranteed to have a person oohing and aahing over the potential a winter wedding date could have. We found winter wedding ideas that might just convince many folks to ditch their dreams of eloping on an island -- because honestly, white looks good on everyone and who needs sand to stick to their dress? Get ready to pin these great ideas!

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Take a look at our beautiful list and let us know which ideas seem like a winter wedding wonderland!

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