9 Things Other Moms Aren't Stressing About Over the Holidays (& Neither Should You)

Hosting a holiday can be overwhelming and stressful for the best of us, especially if you're trying to impress the pants off your loved ones. It's okay to want to throw an event that everyone will remember for years to come. But you don't have to sweat about every single detail. Hosts are supposed to enjoy the party, too!

Demonstrating the truth of that statement, these nine moms who are influential on Instagram -- and thus have beautiful homes, decor, and food we can only aspire to replicate -- reveal the thing they won't be worrying about, from decorations to desserts, travel to gifts, and more. After all, the holidays are about enjoying time with friends and family and (most importantly) relaxing, not laboring over fussy floral arrangements and ridiculously complicated dessert platters. Let some of that go, and have fun.

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