12 Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes We Actually Want to Eat

Beth Stebner | Nov 2, 2016 Food & Party

Thanksgiving -- a holiday meant to be about coming together and reflecting on all of life's blessings (okay, it's about eating) -- can be a downright depressing holiday for those of us with dietary restrictions. While others are tucking into a bounty of freshly baked dinner rolls, deliciously decadent gravy, and, of course, a litany of pies, the gluten-free guests are left picking at a sadly wilted salad and dry turkey.

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But no longer! Thankfully, people with celiac disease (or, really, anyone with a gluten allergy) can dine as well as those without, since it really just takes a few smart modifications to turn a traditional recipe into a tasty gluten-free one. We know it doesn't seem possible, but now that gluten allergies are becoming more common it seems like bakers are itching to find the latest and best hacks to still bring tasty treats to the masses. Some even find working around gluten allergies a challenge! Either way, having to eat gluten-free snacks and treats doesn't have to mean a boring and flavorless holiday season.

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We've rounded up 12 such recipes to make one's holiday flavorful and free of stress. Now, that's something to be thankful for!

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