13 Cringeworthy Stories of When Thanksgiving Went So, So Wrong


In theory, Thanksgiving should be the easiest holiday, right? One doesn't need to shop for hours for presents, one doesn't have to decorate if she doesn't want to, and there is a clear expectation that one should eat a lot of pie. But sometimes the combination of food + family can equal major drama. We don't always know how it starts, but somehow or other, somebody always ends up in a fight. Not exactly a reason to be thankful, right?


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Every family probably has at least one story of a Thanksgiving that went all wrong, so let's be honest about how stressful Turkey Day can really be. From drunken aunts to pushy mother-in-laws and sliced-off fingers, we've collected some of the most unforgettable Thanksgiving disasters we've ever heard. Consider this a dose of perspective as folks look ahead to their own upcoming Turkey Day.

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And hopefully these stories will make us all feel thankful for the small moments of drama we're bound to have this year. Remember, it could always be worse. (And by the way, the names have been withheld so that we don't cause anymore unnecessary Thanksgiving drama. These people already have enough on their plates.)

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