19 Thanksgiving Hacks to Save Time (& Sanity!) This Year

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In our humble opinion, there's no better holiday out there than Thanksgiving. Our thoughts are filled with food, family, festivities ... and a whole lot of work, particularly for the host. Thankfully there are plenty of hacks -- genius ideas to save both time and sanity -- to help one get through and so that there's more time for family. So don't worry -- we've gotcha covered ...

Pulling off the major feast is no easy feat, no matter how many people are helping out. Besides the food part, there's the entertaining bit, plus making sure the kids are happy. In order to spend the most time with loved ones and ensure that everything is as stress-free as possible, we've come up with some of the best ideas. 

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Saving time with the cooking part doesn't mean sacrificing taste, of course. Everyone wants a juicier turkey, perfect stuffing, and an enjoyable day together. That's what these hacks will help with. From prep to cleanup, these ideas are excellent for sanity and time. It's all part of making sure to keep the thankful part of Thanksgiving.

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