Frappula Is the Scary-Good Starbucks Drink of Our Dreams (Er, Nightmares?)

starbucks frappula If you've been having a bit of trouble getting into the Halloween spirit (pun definitely intended), that's all about to change. Now through October 31, Starbucks is whipping up its most tempting brew of the season: the Frappula. Be warned -- it's addictive.


What exactly is a Frappula, you ask? The delicious elixir would melt even the nastiest witch's heart -- it's a white chocolate mocha créme Frappuccino float, which rests atop rich mocha sauce, and a sweet strawberry puree that's sure to make your pulse quicken.

This isn't the first Halloween in which Starbucks has blown its customers' minds with themed concoctions you'd like to drink straight out of your cauldron. 

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The Frankenfrapp slayed patrons in the past, and rumor has it that if you know the magic words (Green Tea Frappuccino with white mocha flavor, peppermint, and java chips, please), a barista will make you one. Are you swooning? Just look at it. 

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As this patron clearly understands, making it through Halloween without one of these in your hand is a frightening thought. 

Ain't no Halloween without a Franken Frapp � #halloween #frankenfrapp

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With these only available for a limited time, you'd better get on your broom and fly over to a location near you. Who says kids should get all the sweet Halloween treats? 


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