How to Throw the Best 'Stranger Things' Party on This Side of the Upside Down

Beth Stebner | Oct 11, 2016 Food & Party
How to Throw the Best 'Stranger Things' Party on This Side of the Upside Down

Unless you've been living in a cave (or, say, small-town Indiana in 1983), you've at least heard of Netflix's retro thriller, Stranger Things -- and hopefully binge-watched it like the rest of us, because it is Good TV (capital "G" warranted).

The show tells the tale of Joyce Byers (played by Winona Ryder), whose son, Will, mysteriously disappears. What happens in the next eight episodes is something stranger than science fiction -- an alternate "upside down" universe, evil government overlords, sinister science experiments, and kids allowed to go out after dark without any sort of parental supervision. 

To celebrate season two of the series -- and the advent of Halloween -- we put together a guide of how to throw your very own Stranger Things party, complete with party food (Eggo waffles, of course) and decorations (Christmas lights for days).

Read on for 9 amazing tips and be prepared to party like Barb. Just remember, if anyone gets stuck in some alternate-dimension wall goo, we're not liable. 


Image via Netflix

  • Praise Barb

    Image via Etsy

    Need a way to invite all of your guests? Say it with Barb.

    Stranger Things Greeting Card, $3.18; at Etsy

  • Writings on the Wall

    Image via BigYellowDog/etsy

    Netflix's throwback show is all about ambiance and a sense of place, so get that eerie-nostalgic feeling with some Joyce Byers-inspired wall art.

    Big Yellow Dog 'Stranger Things' wrapping paper, $5.00; at Etsy

  • See the Light

    Image via Christmas Lights Etc.

    True, Joyce probably bought all of the Christmas lights to be had around Hawkins, Indiana, but luckily, there are still some out there for you. String these along the wrapping paper tacked to a wall and get ready to feel spooked. 

    Multicolored opaque lights, $14.99; at Christmas Lights Etc.

  • L'Eggo My Eggo

    Image via Netflix

    Not since Homer Simpson and his donuts has a fictional TV character been so obsessed with one carbohydrate-filled food. Eleven, or "Elle," as her friends like to call her, develops quite a taste for this breakfast staple.

    Make sure to stock up your party with plenty of boxes, too. Also consider serving fries, ice cream, and anything else you can sneak from the dinner table. 

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  • Stranger Eats

    Image via 40 Aprons

    When your guests get sick of actual waffles, give them what they really want -- waffle cupcakes with whipped cream frosting! Sure, they were inspired by Parks & Rec's Leslie Knope, but we're not going to argue with any waffle-loving heroine.

    Recipe: 40 Aprons

  • Say It Loud

    Image via Etsy

    If you're stuck in the Upside Down -- or just need to find the words to say -- we recommend this on-point printable.

    Stranger Things Printable Banner, $7.00; at Etsy

  • The Best Part of Waking Up

    Image via Little Gold Pixel

    Sheriff Hopper is known for following his instinct, and such is the case with wanting coffee and contemplation each and every morning. Set the mood with this free printable from Little Gold Pixel, here

  • Talk the Talk

    Image via Netflix

    Back in the '80s, there were no fancy smartphones with which to communicate -- hell, even dialing out of your area code meant an unpleasantly expensive call, not to mention monsters short circuting your landline.

    Emulate the era with a walkie talkie app like Voxer to keep in touch with your pals and figure out who took that last cupcake.

  • Turned Upside Down

    Image via Sweet Paul

    Aside from being toxic to humans, the Upside Down looked -- well -- just plain slimy. Channel some of that grossness with a DIY slime station.

    Get the instructions here

  • Capture the Moment

    Image via Amazon

    Jonathan's albiet creepy love of photography ended up giving the gang the clues they needed to find Will. Make sure to document your own night with an instant old school meets new school camera.

    Polaroid PIC 300 Instant Camera, $59.99; at Amazon

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