How to Throw the Best 'Stranger Things' Party on This Side of the Upside Down

Unless you've been living in a cave (or, say, small-town Indiana in 1983), you've at least heard of Netflix's retro thriller, Stranger Things -- and hopefully binge-watched it like the rest of us, because it is Good TV (capital "G" warranted).


The show tells the tale of Joyce Byers (played by Winona Ryder), whose son, Will, mysteriously disappears. What happens in the next eight episodes is something stranger than science fiction -- an alternate "upside down" universe, evil government overlords, sinister science experiments, and kids allowed to go out after dark without any sort of parental supervision. 

To celebrate season two of the series -- and the advent of Halloween -- we put together a guide of how to throw your very own Stranger Things party, complete with party food (Eggo waffles, of course) and decorations (Christmas lights for days).

Read on for 9 amazing tips and be prepared to party like Barb. Just remember, if anyone gets stuck in some alternate-dimension wall goo, we're not liable. 


Image via Netflix

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